Thoughts on rust ?


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Mar 25, 2021
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What’s everyone’s thoughts on the rust that can be found all over some of your under carriage parts?
For those who have not taken a look, you may want to. Sure came as a unwanted surprise to me.
My 2021 F-150's rear end looks like a Halloween pumpkin. The F-250 is not so bad, just the pinion is rusted.


This is a HUGE deal over on the F-150 Gen 14 forums, a lot of folks up in arms about it. For me though, it's not such a problem. It won't get any worse here in Texas in the near future and eventually I'll get under there with a wire brush and some rust converter/paint and clean it up.
My '05 had excellent under carriage paint. My '15 had terrible coverage similar to above picture. I just touched it up with satin black rustoleum paint, which held up well. My Tremor has excellent coverage on all under side components.

Now does it bother me about this surface rust, not really, however in saying that, it is unsightly and for the price points of these trucks they should be covered better.
The needed suspension parts on mine will be getting a coat of black rust-oleum upon arrival, followed in a few days with a nice coat of Fluid Film. I got the black tented Fluid Film that looks like a paint when applied.
I crawl under all my and use the Black Rustoleum or for the parts that I don't want black us the Amsoil corrosion protection spray.

Tremor is almost a year still looks new, My 2017 Rubicon still looks new.
I also have a pressure washer with the underbody attachment and keep it clean once a week in the winter. We are in a high salt, area.

Best to catch it before it starts. I did not do that with my Raptor and the Fox shocks got all crappy looking. Check out the rust on my 2012 SVT Raptor.:cry: