The Highs and the LOWS of picking my TREMOR up today


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Aug 15, 2020
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07 F150 XLT CC 4X4 6'' stage II lift 35'' RBP Repulsors Rapid Red F250 7.3l Tremor on order
Im curious on an XLT model does anyone know what package i would need to get to have the 8'' production screen? Well i was set on ok im getting a 4.2 in production display as it says on my window sticker but as soon as i turned the key on i had the 8'' and so that is my high i was excited about it as well as the truck overal.

But my low for the day is the dealership is a 2hr drive from home so got there around 4pm finished by 530 so me and the wife took the new whip to go eat dinner and when we returned to pick up our explorer so she could drive it home the dealership was closed and they blocked all the exits lol so now i get to drive the new truck even more tomprfow to go back and get it because we had to come home because of kids and school lol.
1 other thing anybody else order Rqpid red bit when you pick it up there paperwork says lucid red? Just curious either way the truck is sick.
ChampaNova - I’ll let you know. My rapid red shipped yesterday with a 12 day forecasted transit time. Congrats on the truck! SWEET! Show pictures of that beast!
I’ve seen XLT’s in videos that were most certainly equipped with the big gauge screen, so I’ve been curious myself.

And Lucid Red is a Limited color, right?
I thought you were going to say the high was getting the keys and the low was writing the check.
I know if you get the 360 camera, it will come with the 8 inch screen. That's how mine was setup when I ordered it. It auto selectes the larger screen
I think all xlt get the big screen in 2020. What does you window sticker say for color? Pics of truck?
I ordered Rapid Red, truck was just built on the 14th, so haven't seen it yet, but the window sticker that was updated on the 13th lists the color as Rapid Red.