The Difference Between Using Weight Distribution and Air Bags to Level Your Load


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Just added this video to my master thread about towing and payload capacity, but figured I would post it separately as well as I think y'all will find it really interesting. It's a demonstration using tire scales to see how tongue weight moves around with airbags and a weight distribution hitch.

Cool video, thanks........that's why it's called " weight distribution ".
Airbags have there place though, especially with 5th wheels but with bumper pull trailers, a properly setup WDH is the way to go. Imo
Thanks for posting the video here. I watched it before I bought my Blue Ox WDH, so I knew what to expect with the hitch. I also added airbags to my truck to control the sag after moving the weight off of the drive axle with my WDH.

Here is the video that convinced me you can use both of them at the same time and achieve great results:


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