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Jul 8, 2019
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Just wanted to take a minute and recognize all of the Veterans we have on this forum.
Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for your service!​
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Duty, Honor, Country - salute to those that know the true cost and stand the line for those values and most of all know the power of selflessness to the woman or man next to you on that line!
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My son and I when he graduated USMC Officer training Quantico 2012.

My dad served and earned a Purple Heart as a Marine in the Korean War. The stories he shared with me still get me choked up. Still amazed at what a fine and responsible man he was after surviving hell on earth at the age of 20. ???
For those interested in history, and military history in particular, perhaps you might find this interesting. It began in 1918, when for apparently the first time in history US soldiers fought under direct foreign command. We owe a lot to those who have served both now, and over at least the last 100 plus years. Check the YouTube video at the bottom of the link.
Adding on to my last post, I came across this. It was a letter sent from the US general whose troops fought with the Australians in that first battle under General Monash. Monash specifically set the date of the battle for the 4th July to add a bit more encouragement to the Americans. I don’t know how well known this battle is in the US, but from afar to score a victory in the first offensive battle in a world war on your national day I imagine would be something to be very proud of. Australians and Americans have supported each other in every major conflict since.


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