Tell me about your favorite whiskey or bourbon


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Jun 9, 2020
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I tend to drink a lot of Blantons but it is getting increasingly difficult to find. I’d love to know what whiskey or bourbon you enjoy drinking and if you have any recommendations that you’d like to share with our group. As always, thank you for your insight and knowledge.
Try New Riff, Single Barrel, it is one of my top favorites. You wont be disappointed.


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Beautiful, I’ll put that on the list. Thanks.
It is hard to find outside of the Kentucky area, so I get it from online,, price is not too bad, but fast delivery and packaged very well.
My all time favorite is Bushmills Black. My second favorite is Bulleit Bourbon. I prefer them both on the rocks but sometimes I will drink either neat or mix the Bushmills with a little ginger ale.
I've been a wheated bourbon guy for a while, and my go to is Weller 12 year. It's actually really reasonable if you can find it. Unfortunately, its becoming a bit of a unicorn like the Blantons........
Last Christmas we had a bottle of Colonel E.H. Taylor that we really enjoyed.
Which tayor? The single barrel is good but like others have mentioned as well, that ones hard to find
Jeffersons Ocean is a good as well as Calmet Farms 14yr. Although I usually keep a bottle of Four Roses single barrel around... its not as pricey, tastes pretty good and can easily be found. Still trying to find some of the "better ones" on shelves but dang... they are hard to find and the secondary market pricing is brutal.
Which tayor? The single barrel is good but like others have mentioned as well, that ones hard to find
I thought there was just one Taylor each year. It was a small batch. I thought it was just a small run each year with the Taylor name and they release it at some point in one batch so it is about lucky timing to get it. That said, I may be wrong because that was just what they told me at the liquor store. I wish now that I would have paid more attention because its long gone and I would like to have it again sometime. It was really quite good.

My dad and I like to find something new to us every Christmas to try and that just happened to be last year`s bottle.
These are all great recommendations! Thank you all so far. You guys are right, like the CPUs they’re trying to find for the F250s, good bourbon and whiskey are becoming increasingly hard to find as well.

it seems like the brown stuff is becoming more and more popular with smaller distilleries getting into the business every day. It’s always really fun to try new things, but it’s a little more expensive sampling bottles of whiskey that is buying separate cans of good craft beer to try.

y’all have amazing taste in trucks, so I trust your judgment when it comes to these brands!
Beautiful pup, and area! Add your Tremor to that pic, you lock up TOTM!!
Thank you, yes we’re very fortunate to live in Utah. That’s the plan as soon as she arrives, 22 Platinum on order from March 16.

Here’s an old shot of my 05 SD