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Jul 10, 2020
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Any rumors the 2021 Tremor will offer a super cab option. I'd like the shorter wheelbase.
I realize this may not be available info until the new model is released.
I haven't run across any rumors mentioning that, but it sure would be cool.
Not likely. SuperCab raptors were very rare and didn't sell well. I had one of the few.
I guess I'm in a small minority. Don't really need the cabin room of the crew cab and would prefer a shorter wheel base for off road maneuverability. Just a preference, but I'm sure I can live with the crew cab.
Anybody ever wish their tremor was just a bit smaller for off-road driving on narrow trails?
I like the idea, but I realize I'm in a minority as well. I'd love a single cab Tremor, but those wouldn't sell. Just like all the car ideas and wishes I have, it never comes to pass.

Just like others have said, the super-cab raptor did not sell well, so I doubt they will make it. In fact I can't tell you the last time I saw a super-cab raptor. Here in jersey they are mainly pavement princesses, just like my Tremor, lol. However our pot holes are legendary, so having a good truck to soak up bumps is nice.
The Raptor was initially only a super cab, crew cab didn’t come out until 2nd year production. Don’t think it would be to difficult to do a super cab or standard cab version since the Tremor is just a package but not sure if Ford will offer it. Just need to come up with shorter running boards.
not likely. Low volume cab configuration