Sun Visor Decals


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Due to the fact that I have been receiving many messages concerning the Sun Visor decals, I figured it would be best to start a thread on the topic to share info. By no means did I ever think this would evolve into an area of interest on the forum but it appears many are annoyed by frivolous warning labels. Being that my truck has a black interior, the white/yellow labels drove me crazy every time I got in and it was my teenage daughter that came up with the idea of cutting some vinyl with her Cricket to cover them up. We ended up using a "shimmer black" which looks very feminine but doesn't look too bad once they are up and installed. The pattern matches our headliner fairly well and when they are in the up position and in the shadow, they nearly disappear. This has become my daughter's "business" as she is purchasing and cutting the material and I am covering the cost of shipping. We are doing these for $35 including shipping as we ship them in cardboard photo envelopes through USPS to reduce the risk of bending/creasing. One last caveat, we are a family of five with 3 kids involved in volleyball, baseball, and cheerleading so please be patient as there are many nights that we do not get home until late.



Can you make black (double sided adhesive) coverlays for TxTags/windshield toll RFID tags as well?
Can you make black (double sided adhesive) coverlays for TxTags/windshield toll RFID tags as well?
you know what I did for that. I just covered my txtag with electrical tape and put in on my sunroof. To answer your question though, no we don't know how to do anything doublesided.
I don't have a sunroof though :(

Let me know what you can cook up for me.
gotcha, let me check with the boss and see what she says. Send me a pic of your tag either on here or pm
That's a great question!

I think the warning labels on visors are all the same size. I'm going to measure the ones on my other cars and find out.
They're not all the same size. Hmm. Never thought to look. No idea if the F150 matches though.
I’d be happy to purchase some of these! My buddy that just bought a Lightning truck did this on his, so now I know I need to do this on my truck! Haha
Let me know - I’ll make a purchase!
I need to clarify, not all manufacturers have the same size decals. Fords aren't the same size as Honda as BMW.