HOT! '17-22 Foot Rest/Dead Pedal

Would you buy a dead pedal?

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I just ordered a revised foot rest without the holes so I can test it with the full surface of grip tape. Should have it within 3 weeks.
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Responding selfishly just to bump this to the top.

Where are the rest of you 71 folks that voted yes?
I'll give you my perspective... I voted "yes" to the initial, general question not knowing what the design would look like or subsequent pricing would be. I think the design is great, but is more elaborate than I had envisioned and thus exceeds the price threshold for the functional benefit (for me it's a nice to have, not a requirement).

Having designed, tested, tooled components myself I'm not questioning the price at all - I think it is appropriate for the design at low volume. Just simply more than I want to pay.
I voted no primarily because I don’t need one and it appears to clutter the foot well area. The price is high but would be worth it if I could actually see my way to need one.
Pre-orders close in 7 days. All will be refunded if the 25 orders aren't made.

Many voted yes after I said it wouldn't be cheap by any means.
13 more to go.
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I'll take a prototype for [you name the price] if this mission fails. :cool:

Otherwise: Bump.
Pre-orders close in 3 days
Pedal came in and got it fully dressed with grip tape. Will have the verdict later on the foot traction/comfort improvement compared to the dimpled one.



.....any updates on pre-orders? Pouring in faster than you can keep up? :unsure:
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Just got back from a drive and can say the full grip tape surface is so much better than the dimples. With the full surface, it essentially gives you an infinite number of places you can rest your foot.

The dimples were actually not the most comfortable, as you had to force your foot into finding a happy medium straddling two-three dimples which are never where you want them to be.
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I think the grip tape no dimple version looks the best. It’s tempting and I wish I could but not right now.
Pre-orders have closed after a sudden spike in orders this weekend.

If you'd like to purchase one, I'll try the best I can and help you out, just reach out to me.
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