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Oct 31, 2020
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After some prolonged driving, my fingers will get tired and painful from gripping the thin steering wheel. Adding a steering wheel cover will greatly improve the driving experience. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good quality leather cover for the steering wheel? I don't need anything too fancy. As long as it is a durable black leather cover, I'll be happy.
I'd highly recommend a raptor steering wheel conversion. I think the raptor wheel is absolutely perfect and worth the price tag
I was hoping to see some cover recommendations too. Not ready to spring for the entire wheel at this point. Sadly, the XLT has no option for a leather wheel as a option.
I've used this one in the past and it was actually nice, especially for the cost. It goes on pretty easily if you let it sit in the sun for a bit and get soft and flexible. Start it at the top of the wheel and work it down to the bottom. When you get it down to the last bit you can easily roll down the back edge and slip it the rest of the way on. I had it on in less than 10 minutes after letting it set out and get warmed up.

Once it's on, it doesn't move around and gives a nice grip to the wheel. I used it to cover a suede factory steering wheel to protect that one.

I know you said you didn't want a new wheel but I'd consider it. I purchased a Lariat leather wheel and couldn't be happier. It was around $325 and took all of 15 minutes to install myself. I really missed my leather wheel from my f150 and couldn't stand the rubberized one on the 250. It was my first mod I did at 300 miles on the truck.