Starter problem?

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Feb 28, 2020
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Hello all,

Tonight I went to move my truck around. I have a 2020 Tremor with the 7.3 L with over 27k on the clock. I started the truck with the remote start like I most of the time. Jumped in and insert the key to turn the truck on. Moved it around about 100’. Put it in park and when I turned it off it stayed running for about 2-3 seconds. About 10-15 seconds after it turned off, I went to start it again and it sounded like the truck was trying to start and when it did the starter sounded like it ran for 2-3 second. The RPMs went to a thousand and then idol down to where it normally is. Just had the oil changed at Ford and had about 500 miles on it when this happened. I let the truck sit for 2 minutes and started it again. The truck started normal. It’s just weird what it did. Not sure if it was a one time deal of start of a bigger problem. Any guesses?
I've had a similar issue on my f150 5.0. It needed a new battery. Also that's a lot miles! I'm at 22k right now
Damn, you guys are putting the miles on! That is odd Lurking Class...seems odd that the battery would be bad only at that mileage. Do trucks "eat up" batteries that quickly? I had a new BMW years ago that required a battery change after 2 years, I suppose it is possible.
Batteries have a higher rate of failure and any other part in a vehicle ... Also I have 8900 and picked up my truck in Aug ... It's just driving around
I had a bad cell in my Rubicon battery and it did those types of things. FCA gave me a new battery under warranty. Had similar miles and was less than 3 year old. So you may try and get Ford to replace it for free.