Spec of Paint lifting on roof of 2021


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Mar 6, 2021
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Vancouver BC
Owned the truck for a little over a month now. In giving it a good thorough wash yesterday I noticed this little spec on the roof that seems to be lifting through the paint (photos attached). It just so happens that the truck was going in to the dealer today to get its oil changed out and had them take a look at it. They didn’t have much to say about it, right off the bat the service clerk scraped at it with his pen. Later when I went to pick up the truck after work they said the roof would be painted but couldn’t provide much more information other than I’d be receiving a call later this week to discuss it further and sort out scheduling. The dealership has a in house body shop who will be doing the work.

I’d like to confirm that roof panel is indeed constructed of aluminum or am I misinformed?

Wondering if anyone has seen something like this before on their truck or other? I took the best photos i could. Is there anything I should be looking out for when getting the truck back?


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Have never seen a pinhole but have seen my fair share of paint defects across brands. Glad they are being proactive in correcting the issue for you. Wonder if you can pressure them into doing something different like an agate black roof since you'll probably get a strip and repaint.
Typical for these trucks. Really frustrating.

Since it’s the roof, I’d probably just cut that gunk out and hit it with some touch up paint.

Not worth risking the stealership making it worse.
I agree. Although frustrating and unacceptable, I can’t have paint work done on a new vehicle. I’d never be happy I’d be looking for tape lines and overspray for the rest of my ownership.
That doesn't look like paint lifting, it just looks like something in the paint. If it is by chance the latter than I'd 100% leave it alone. You don't want paintwork done unless you absolutely have to. A speck of dirt on the roof of a seven foot tall truck doesn't meet that threshold, at least in my book.
Great information! A hell of a lot more than I got from the service desk. It does concern me that the service clerk thought that the roof was made out of steel. First time at their service department and I think I’ll stay well clear of their body shop.

I appreciate the help!