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Soon to be Owner

Mista Jimmy

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Jul 16, 2020
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Tampa, Florida
United States Marine Corps
Hello all! New here to the forum and soon to be owner of a 7.3 Tremor Lariat Ultimate Package. I recently sold my 2004 6.0 F250 to get a new truck. After weeks of reading and deciding whether to get another diesel or try out the new Godzilla engine, I found one and pulled the trigger. I searched all over Florida for a 7.3 Tremor and let an XLT with all the options I wanted slip by a few weeks ago. Then I stumbled on one in Georgia and put a deposit down on it. It should be delivered either at the end of e month or first week of August. For now, the only mod I'm looking to add is exhaust and maybe some mild tuning. ?
Welcome! Exhaust and tuning have very limited options yet :)
Excellent! The Godzilla engine has plenty of torque for a gasoline engine. Eventually there will be plenty of tuning and exhaust options. Welcome aboard!
Welcome! Exhaust and tuning have very limited options yet :)

Thanks Guys!

I've been keeping an eye on the various vendors for mods. I figure by the time I get the truck broken in there should be some options available. I did come across a couple YouTube vids where someone had added exhaust and it sounded pretty damn good.
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Congratulations!! Worth the wait.
good choice in trucks you won't be disappointed