September vs October Incentives


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Aug 3, 2020
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Billings, MT
Apparently my turck has arrived at the depot and will be at the dealer in 4-5 days. They want me to come in and get the deal booked before the end of the month. Two things about this that are concerning.

1. IF the truck isn't at the deal for me to take possession I'm not going to do the paper work.
2. Eaither they need this in September to make a sales goal or they know the incentives on a 2020 will be better next month. Any ideas on this?
No deal without the truck in hand.

Lots of the incentives don't apply to the SD so odds are they won't change for you but that being said you never now
They probably just want to show another sale on this months books.
I would not finalize the deal without the truck being there. It could get wrecked on the hauler, lots of things and the deal is done.
Yeah, I don't think I would sign the paperwork without the truck being there. You just never know what could come up or delays, etc.
Salesman want that easy bonus
I agree with the above...end of the month, and they want to get the deal done. If you havent already, you could always offer to sign a buyer's agreement. Essentially showing that you agree to purchase the vehicle - if it is delivered in the condition you agree to. Sometimes this is all a dealer needs to show the sale at the time of the signed agreement. Also, I would have them put in writing (email, etc...) that they will honor any PCO's or additional rebates that may be available once the truck arrives. If you already have a PCO, make sure they "lock it in" for you. I had a PCO of $3K back in February when I ordred the truck. Dealer stated that they would honor it when the truck came in....I took delivery last week (7 months and 18 days after ordering!) and they did in fact honor my PCO and the other incentives that I qualified for.
^ This. If they want that end of month bonus, they can sign a few extra papers saying they're not trying to screw you out of something else.