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Aug 19, 2020
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Granite Belt, Queensland
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No, not a Tremor, I don’t know if any are in the country yet. A pity, for that is what I want. So I settled for the only thing in Sydney I could get. An F250 Lariat 6.7. Compared to the other F250 I drove the other week, this one us a current model, as opposed to the MY19. It was also converted to RHD in Victoria, not Queensland and it seemed to be all the better for that.

You Canadians and Americans don’t realise how fortunate you are to have such a great vehicle so affordable by comparison. But I do thank you for being such a mountain of information. The car I drove had better steering than the 19. However, the salesman was not particularly knowledgeable about the car. So I don’t know if the improvement was due to the 20 having better steering than the 19, or if the 20 had adaptive steering or because it was a better conversion.

I was though surprised that this car, which had the FX4 pack, didn’t have a sump guard for the engine. The guards that were there for the transfer case and fuel tank seemed flimsy.

That engine though is a gem. What a joy to drive such a quiet, responsive, lag free torque monster.

So my quest for more information on these trucks continues.

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