Seat Adjustment Memory - dumb question


Aug 3, 2020
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Kind of dumb, but anyone know how to link your preferred seat position to you fob? I had my seat where I wanted it and set it to memory recall 1.

Then one day I was waiting for my wife in Target for like an hour and reclined my seat way back and set it to memory recall 2. A prompt said "press lock to link to fob" or something. So I did. Wife came out, I pressed 1 to put seat back to how I drive and we went home. Next day I get in the truck and the seat was super reclined bc it was linked to my fob.

I can't find any way to clear this. The only thing I could do was set all 3 recall buttons the same, in driving position.

The manual says to set it, just press and hold the desired recall button for 5 seconds, and then if you keep holding it you'll get the wnd prompt to link to fob. I don't get that second prompt, ever.

I believe that you don't hold the button after you hear the tone, you let it go and within 10 seconds press the lock button on the fob. To clear it it's the same procedure but you press the unlock button on the fob. At least that's the way I understand it from the manual.

edit: just went and tried it and the above procedure worked for me.