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Aug 19, 2020
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A few weeks ago, I’d never heard of the Tremor and knew nothing about the F250 other than it could tow a lot. I thought American vehicles were poorly made, crass and crude with hideous interiors where quality made way for cheap and big. Looking at the Tremor, I can see now i was wrong. i can only go by photos, but the interiors look quite nice. The engines seem to be very efficient and the technology impressive.

My plan is to get a Tremor. Probably an F250, probably a Platinum. And definitely a diesel. I plan to get a bullbar and canopy and a long range fuel tank. But what else out there is there? From all reports the Chev/GMC is too close to the vehicles I was describing in my opening. Which seems to leave the Ram. Except it’s off-road spec offering cannot be had with a diesel. Which means the Tremor is the vehicle I keep coming back to. i haven’t read everything here but I’ve read a bit and it seems to be the best choice.

Now I just need to see one up close and go for a test drive to make sure I can live with such a vehicle. That’s my next move, most likely Monday or Tuesday. Actually buying one is still a way off, but I have so much to learn. Then I’ll have to buy a house with enough room to park it and the caravan I intend to tow with it. Then put down a slab of concrete and build a shed big enough for all my vehicles. All of which may mean moving interstate.

i just hope that if and when I do get the Tremor I’ve made the right choice