Save 30% on Chemical Guys HOL148 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit


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Jul 8, 2019
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I like their soap, but their gun is awful. It squirted water out all sides of the connection point, and I had to be extremely firm with them to tell them I wanted a return and full refund. They gave me a very hard time and have very poor customer service.
That's good to know. Is there another brand for the gun you can recommend?

I've never heard great reviews on any Foam Sprayer that hooks up to a garden hose. The general consensus seems to be that they waste too much water and soap and that it's just as easy to use a bucket since you still need to use a wash mitt anyway.

Foam Cannons that hook up to pressure washers, however, are said to be indispensable by many. I have a penchant for Griot's Garage products so have considered getting their cannon:
I use the chemical guys garden hose one for just normal maintenance washes. I think its good enough and throws plenty of foam as presoak to a hand wash. It looses up anything on the surface and helps lubricate as you wash. For the money and convenience of not dealing with the pressure washer every time, I like it. That's a good deal for that kit. All good products and the mitt is really good quality