Rough Country Steering Stabilizer

What brand steering stabilizer should I purchase?

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Feb 25, 2021
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Howdy! After reading through a lot of these threads, I've decided my next mod will be a steering stabilizer. I was attracted to the Fox ATS first, but Rough Country has a couple good items that I've purchased in the past that I am impressed with. However, I can't find anyone on this forum with RC. People are rocking the Fox, King, PMS, and others.

I am open to Fox, and King and others, but has anyone used RC steering stabilizers? Plus, the price listed on the RC website seems pretty cheap...which has me slightly concerned. But, isn't RC known for their suspension and lift systems? I'd think their stabilizers would be of good quality.

Here are the ones that I am looking at:
RC N3 Steering Stabilizer | Dual
RC V2 Steering Stabilizer | Dual
Fox ATS Steering Stabilizer
ICON Dual stabilizer

All feedback is welcome. Please, provide me with some knowledge.
I cant sell myself on a replacement factory location steering stabilizer after reading a lot of threads on odd turning behavior due to the geometry.

Im probably going to order up a Kelderman dual setup if I feel I need more than the factory stabilizer.
We had a group buy on the Fox ATS a while back, and had a ton of people buy it. I had mine installed a few months back, and have had no issues with it.
I dont have my truck yet but have driven a stock one and didnt see the need for one on a stock set up .

are you guys putting these on stock or after leveling kit or both? I plan on going with a lift Carli or BDS 4 link coilover so ill be getting one either way.
I have a FOX ATS that had the clamp bracket bolt shear off going down some fire roads to our farm. Reached out to Fox and they sent me new bracket but ended up replacing the bolt with a longer version as the one on my first unit looked like it only had about 3 threads into the bracket. just reinstalled in couple weeks ago.
@Jericho I am going to go with the one you're selling. Hit me up as I am in Austin this weekend.
I have the Fox ATS. Getting nervous about all the issues with it. Mine first one came from fox already leaking. I just bought a bilstein B8 5100 just in case. Lots of 5 star reviews online and only $100.