Rotella T6 5w40 shortage?


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Feb 19, 2023
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Crestwood, KY
Didn’t own my truck during Covid but I’ve read here and elsewhere about the great Rotella shortage of ‘21-‘22. All of a sudden I can’t find T6 5W40 at any of the 4 Walmarts here in the northern Louisville area. Normally prices at $24/gal and the shelves are empty (along with Blue DEF). Amazon is running over a week to ship at anywhere from $24-$37/gal. Major auto parts chains, O’Reilly’s, Auto Zone, Napa, etc are all selling it for $36/gal. Nope, not paying that. Found a plethora at Tractor Supply for $24/gal.

Curious if anyone else is noticing the shortage and/or price gouging?
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I got auto zone to match Walmarts price, no problem at al last time I needed it.
T6 shortage??


Hell I could have bought enough T6 at my local Tractor Supply to drive over 100k miles.
Livermore Costco had the Blue Def for $13.99 as of last Saturday. It has been that price for at least six months that I’ve seen. Two pallets full. My daughter and SIL were at the Antioch store yesterday and they had a pallet full there.
Yeah my Costco has DEF and sometimes has a 3 gallon pack of shell T6 for right around $75. They always have DEF but the oil is hit and miss. Doesn’t look like buying T6 at Costco gives you the rebate. The rebate is only good if purchased at a handful of locations
I seriously consider buying a drum of the stuff. Go through about 40 gallons a year. Just haven't pulled the trigger
Rotella 5w40 is $19 here and DEF is $8.88 for 2.5 gallons.
I find the 5 gallon pails hard to find locally. Where are people getting theirs?
Menards if you have one


I last stocked up several months ago at Sam’s Club in Clarksville, Indiana. Haven’t been by lately to see if it is still there. Was the same price as Walmart. The Sam’s in Middletown, Ky never carries it.
Eh. That stuff makes my truck stink. They don’t call it Rosmella for nothing