Roof Rack/Platform ideas needed!!!


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Dec 1, 2020
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Not just new to this forum but new to forums in general so please excuse me if I'm doing this wrong!

I need some ideas (with pictures) for a roof rack/platform build - accessories, tools, lighting, storage, etc. My starting point is a Rhino Rack 60x54 Pioneer Platform. Not looking for any kind of overlander set up, but I do haul a 45' 5er toy hauler and need some more storage within the truck besides the bed. The rig does a lot of off road, desert/sand adventures, so I'm looking for ideas for accessories, tools and storage for that kind of use - traction boards, shovel, propane, possibly move power tank (co2) to the roof, water, jack, and anything else I'm missing. Lighting is also very important as we often get to our destination after dark (not mounting giant obnoxious light bars directly to the truck but do need something removable with the whole platform). Any ideas, pictures, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Interested to see what you come up with. Interested in a good pic of your truck, too. Love those Lithiums...
I just ordered a Yakima Overhaul HD that will be paired with a Retrax XR One. I will be putting on the side bars and also thinking about a platform but if I do that, it will be on and off due to hauling Kayaks/Canoe, etc.