Road Harmonic Bounce


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Jul 7, 2020
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Does anyone have a fix for harmonic bounce that happens on poor road surfaces? We drove down to Southern California to visit family and hit a five mile stretch on the 405 that was so bad it felt like our teeth were going to rattle out of our mouths. BTW. I run tire PSI 55F and 60R.
We have a section when we head up north. Same deal and I have same tire pressure as you!

Its much worse in my Ruby
If you’re not towing, drop the rear lower than the front. I have mine 60f/50r. I had that issue on a different truck and got rid of it with a road force balance.
It's the nature of longer wheel based vehicles and I'm betting the stretch was all concrete. Asphalt usually is less of an issue even if it's been sealed/patched all over.

There's a stretch on I25 in South bound in Fort Collins, CO right at the Port of Entry that's concrete and terrible. It's bad in ANY vehicle, but made especially worse in anything with a longer full-sized truck wheel base.
I used equal balancing media inside the tire rather than weights. The equal adapts to tire wear and road conditions. Short of that, if you can find a shop to harmonically balance them that is best.

Is this your first HD truck, they are much stiffer sprung than a half ton. My Ram 2500 did it and the Tremor does as well if the conditions are right on the road, usually concrete with bad expansion joints spaced close to my wheelbase.