Reviews won't be out until Jan 21st?! Delayed release?


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Jul 8, 2019
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TFL Truck was the first to get the new F250 with the Tremor package. During the first part of the video they mention they won't be able to public driving impressions until Jan 2 1, 2020.

So much for a late fall release?
My dealer informed me when I ordered my truck on 4 Sep 19 that his scheduler at Ford told him that it would not be a first quarter build. My dealer was told that one of the packages I had selected (tremor, lariat sport and ultimate lariat) would probably not be built until late job 1. Looks like that package may have been the tremor after all. I am sure no matter what it will be well worth the wait.
If this means early 2020, that's not the news I wanted, but it is good to get enough info to help me cool my jets until the new year.

I'll keep up the maintenance on the 2001 better now.

Either way, I think this new embargo the manufactures are putting out is stupid. IF the trucks are out to be driven and tested I would really rather they let those who get to test them tell us what they think. It pisses me off actually enough to where I want to buy something else. January 21st is a joke. I better have my truck by then. If I don't have a Ford I may have something else. If I do, I'll be posting about what I like and don't like so others can learn.
I know sales forecasts have been reduced and FORD is forecasting a 2 year downturn. Recent dealer sales quotas are 20-30% lower than last year this time. If production was not curtailed I suspect there is ample latent stock of 19's that they want to sell first. I agree it blows and suspect some sales are lost (ask me how long I've been waiting to see a freaking New Bronco!!) More probable if the newer model (20 vs 19) is deemed greatly superior and would sell moreso than 19's sitting collecting dust even with a discount. Old stock is $$$ to carry inventory.
Ram dodged (no pun intended) this by creating the "Classic" model. Worked out so well they carried on with it.
That all makes sense from a corporate view point, however that is not how its viewed from the customers......That is the problem with this. We as consumers come to have expectations on when a product is released and that they will be loaned out to the media so they can be reviewed and reported on. So we as consumers can make a judgment call on how to spend our money. When this all happens, yet there is an embargo placed on a media source that we as consumers are waiting patiently to hear from it does not go over well.
Totally agree Sully. I too would rather not be teased for months. As I mentioned I have been waiting YEARS now since I've heard about the Bronco....... stupid. Looked at the Gladiator and loss consciousness over the price. No thanks.
I just gave a possible reason not an excuse. :) Honestly it does concern me about possible issues with the upgrades..... better safe than sorry I guess. REALLY dumb part is to release the early/pre production trucks to reviewers then say they can't discuss.