Repainted roof - advice?


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Sep 25, 2020
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2021 F350 CG Lariat 6.7L
When I went to get by clear bra put on I thought about doing the roof because we have a lot of dropping pine cones and sap around here.

The guy said he didn't want to do it on the roof because it had already been resprayed.
He showed me on the truck basically it had been resprayed (you could see the orange peel effect) in the two spots in front of the sunroof, and two spots behind.
I was there at the dealer when it was delivered before they even detailed it so I know the dealer didn't do it - his guess was that it happened during transport probably loading/unloading off a truck and scratched the top.

Anyone else have something like that?

Truck has ~1000 mi at this point. You don't really notice it because its on the roof, but it still pisses me off for an 80k truck.
I am worried about issues down the line with the roof paint though - what would you guys do?
I suspect if you knew half the stuff done to repair some of these new trucks before you took possession it would be surprising. Not sure what you can do at this point, but wouldnt hurt to ask the dealer where you purchased it, maybe an extra paint warranty or something.