Renegade tonneau cover


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Jul 16, 2021
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Anyone have any experience with these pricey things? They look and sound pretty good. I’m wondering how tight you can actually pull on that L channel though (or J channel, whatever they’re calling it).
Was interested myself as this looked like the closest thing to what I was after. Those L channels are very strong, when used in aviation applications anyway. I called and emailed the company. Never did end up getting a response from them. I saw on a Tacoma forum thread they had some long lead times and were very difficult to get ahold of. Plus when I looked up the company the building looked more like my garage than a manufacturing company. This all sort of turned me off. Ended up going with a Diamondback HD. Their reputation and company are SOLID by all accounts I could find. I still prefer the design and features of the renegade though.
I forgot to add the Diamondback had free shipping while the renegade website was charging me over $400 for freight shipping. The price of the Renegade quickly got well above the Diamondback. Not sure I like it that much more.
Agreed, the shipping is a huge turn off for me. Plus there is a need for a latching system to get it to work as advertised, that is also an additional cost. The extra fees and charges for shipping are big turn offs for me right out the gate. Just wondering how the quality is. For the functionality and sleek look I would spend a few extra bucks, but they might have priced themselves right out of contention for consideration for me. I’ll watch for some holiday sales for a bit, if nothing pops up, I’ll move on.
nothing against Diamondback at all.
thanks for you input. Glad to hear the L-channels aren’t a weakness. That was my biggest concern is the little ring loop letting go, or pulling out of the channel and losing my load.
I would 100% get a diamondback if it weren't for me losing my gooseneck hookup. I don't use much but i be damned as soon as i got my cover id be needing my trailer regularly... Really like the look and functionality of the renegade they say not to ride with it folded all the way up but id just find a way to secure it temporarily while using the gooseneck. At lease it can be removed without tools but like i said id just find a way to secure it. The diamond back requires tools and such to take on and thanks.
I am looking at these now My truck is scheduled to be built week of 11/8 and I am trying to get something ordered soon as I know lead times will be terrible. I like the diamond back as well but like @Smokinquack89 I dont want to have to remove the center rail to use my gooseneck.
I finally found a Renegade review by a real owner, posted it in this thread: