Remote start key fob


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Jan 22, 2021
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NE ohio
Looking for the part number from the 4 button remote start key fob for my 2021 f250 xlt. I can remotely start it from my phone with the Ford app but would like to have the fob that does it when I don’t have my phone. Can anyone help me out?
I think you need more than the key fob but I haven't looked into it. On my 2012 I just needed to install the antenna and get the keys programmed but it was a Lariat and on those years it had to be a Lariat+. It is an extra option on the build but not sure what gets installed on the truck.
My last truck all I had to install was the antenna and buy the fob. I guess I assumed all I needed was the fob since I can start it with my phone. I suppose I’ll ask the stealership when my bed liner comes in