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Oct 27, 2020
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I am curious if anyone is using the Reese Goose Box with the Tremor and the Ford factory 5th-wheel /gooseneck hitch prep package? Since there are no Ford offset balls available, I am wondering if you are experiencing any clearance issues beyond the limitations of the standard king pin hitch? The advantages of the Goose Box are evident, but I would be interested in any dislikes you have about this system.
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Not sure what the advantage is for the Reese Goose Box. We haul ours into the woods and its rough, so are the roads so that type of conversion would not work for me. I guess you want to be able to just remove a ball from the bed. Light and easy.
I can tell you with my sliding 5 th wheel I can maneuver very tight without sliding the unit back. Nothing will hit or rub on tight turns even on slopes. Its only when I need to jack it very tight that we even slide it back. If you have a level area large enough to set it up yourself you could try it and see what you have. The Goose Box looks to be very similar in size and length to the standard pin box. I would be concerned if you have slope or uneven terrain where you drop or pick up your unit. Is there going to be enough clearance to clear the bed on slope in a turn? Some areas you just can't control or avoid.
Unfortunately no feed back on the goose box - I have a b&w companion hitch that fits the Ford puck system and I like it quite a bit. the top part can be removed from the base to make it lighter to move, and the puck system companion hitches are significantly lighter than the ones that go into the b&w turn over ball. I got the 5th wheel prep in my Tremor in case I ever want to move the companion hitch from my dually to the Tremor - there are times where I may want to take the Tremor ie: up to South Dakota where the tunnels on needles highway are super tight, or if I have a pull through spot. There's a lot of people that tow 5th wheels with short beds that don't have slider hitches though so it may not be a huge deal backing it up either but I don't have experience in that arena, yet.
I bought the Reese Goose box, I just got it yesterday and will be installing this weekend on my 28' trailer. I will take some pictures and let you guys know how it goes. I was interested and saw another tremor on facebook market place who had one on there trailer they were selling which was a 38' toy hauler.
Not the greatest pictures, all went fairly smoothly. I need to raise the hitch up further though, sitting a little nose high right now, especially if I plan to put a carli kit on my rig. Clearance though seems to not be an issue what so ever. Suppose that would depend on what kind of trailer you have and where the hitch is I'm relation to the front of your trailer.


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