Reduced Power warning


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Feb 10, 2021
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I had this pop up on me today. Truck had sat idling with the AC on for about 10 min in 100 degree heat. Got in and drove about 100 yards and it came on and went away. Truck had no power, go figure, and would not rev above 1500 rpm. Got home and shut it down for about 30 min. Got back in to go to the dealer and it ran fine. Dealer will take a look Tuesday, but hoping somebody else had this issue and resolved it already. Thx
I had this issue on my 15 one time it ended up being low fuel pressure, the cause was the pump on the frame rail that houses the filter. Your truck pretty much went into limp mode or like “get me home mode” for whatever reasons they vary could be a fluke could be something else. Don’t mean to make your nervous in any way hope this information gives you little bit more understanding.
I have a habit of pre-starting my truck with FordPass. Yesterday (over 110° in Napa Valley) I could swear it shut itself off after just a few minutes rather than the usual 15. It ran fine afterwards but made me rethink my habit.
Had that happen to me with the truck idling in the driveway. Truck did not want to go into reverse and got the wrench warning with 500 miles on the truck. Shut it down for a few minutes and it reset itself and worked fine. I did take my into the dealer and they pulled the codes and spent a day re-programing the truck. Mine was P2704 Transmission Friction Element.