📷 TOTM Redraider1803 - December 2023 Tremor of the Month Winner!


"Fresh snow in Durango!"

This month's photo contest was a truly challenging one, with so many incredible entries making it tough to choose just one favorite! We experienced several ties for the top spots throughout the competition. With 18 entries and 115 votes cast in December, the contest was a close one. Emerging as the winner by a narrow margin of just three votes, I'm excited to extend the first congratulations to @Redraider1803 for clinching the December 2023 Tremor of the Month title! Let's also give a hearty round of applause to @Ev0-l and @whitehawk for their commendable second and third-place achievements.

If you didn't get a chance to see the poll, all the Tremor photos are still available for viewing in the voting thread at this link:

A big thank you to everyone who participated by submitting photos and casting votes.

Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming Tremor of the Year contest!"
Congrats fellow Tremorite.
I should've told the dealer to throw a bow on it 😎
I specifically had the dealer put a big red bow on my wife’s car when we bought it several years ago. I asked if I could then keep the bow. They were like “nah.” I was like WTH, the car is $75k (in 2018)…geez..

Not trying to hijack the thread…but still…lol
Congrates to Redraider1803 for being Decembers winner. Good job!
Thanks folks! I appreciate it!
Can't help but notice that not a single "23 model year has won ... LOL
I should've told the dealer to throw a bow on it 😎

When we picked up the truck at the dealer, my wife was expecting a big bow on it Since is was 2 days before Christmas !
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That John Denver is full of shit, man.