Recommendations for Sound System upgrade


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Mar 19, 2023
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2023 Ford F150 Tremor
Made the mistake of not getting the B&O Audio system in my 2023 Tremor. Any suggestions on new speakers, tweeters, amps, etc?

I want to upgrade the door speakers and add an amp and small sub.
Its nothing special - I have it and im searching for better as well.
I was quoted appx 3500 for all speakers and amp - JL Brand I believe (Not the Sub and Amp because I already have that from last system...)
Is $3500 your budget or would you go higher ?

The B&o u leashed is perfectly fine for me but a few years ago in my 19’ I got a hertz audio system with speakers and amp and two JL audio 10’s under the back seat. One 10 is more then enough. But I thought the clarity of the hertz system was very good for price. I think it was around $5k so who knows what it would cost now. I have done a few other systems at that price point and I liked the hertz the best.

$3500 for an Jdl audio set up seems very reasonable but I wonder if that includes sound dampening ? Once you get good audio in the truck if you don’t do sound dampening it will rattle to the point it will annoy you and you will end up playing the system at same level as the factory.