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Sep 15, 2020
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Looking for a bed cover. Something that will keep the bed dry and can handle a decent amount of snow accumulation in winter. Any of you guys in the north have something you love. Anything I should stay away from? I have a 2021 on order and want to have one ready to throw on ASAP once the truck comes in.
I have always like the Bak Industries products. I have have had the MX4 foldable Toneau cover from them for 3 trucks now including the Tremor. I just picked up my truck yesterday and have already ordered the cover. I think they work great. I can go through car washes and only have some minor dripping. The company says they can hold a fair amount of weight as well. I don't snow here where I live in California but I do go skiing and have had no problems with snow accumulation when I am up in the mountains. The fold up easily when you need the whole bed and the tailgate can go up and down without having to open the cover.

They are not super cheap but they are reasonable for what you get.

Hope that helps.
Had the BakFlip MX4 on my Raptor. Great product. Didn’t like losing visibility out of the rear window when fully opened. Also with a 5th wheel I didn’t want to have to lift it off. Went Retrax Pro XR on the Tremor and couldn’t be happier.
I also have the Bak Flip MX4 and it is a great product and it keeps stuff secure and dry. I chose it specifically for four reasons:

1. It essentially is locked when you close the tailgate since it opens from a release under the cover, so I don't have to mess with carrying a key and it is always secured.
2. It can hold hundreds of pounds of weight, I think more than any roll-up ones (not positive about this statement).
3. It didn't have the storage box at the front of the bed like the roll-up styles so I could put an in bed toolbox up there. (I have since decided not to do that).
4. I can open it completely to utilize the full bed to carry large and tall cargo without removing it.

I have found a few things I don't like about it that if I did it again, I might choose a roll-up style:

1. It occurred to me today, that since it is locked when the electrically operated tailgate is closed, if I have a dead battery I cannot get to tools and jumper cables stored in the bed easily.
2. I would like to be able to see out of the back window when it is fully open, even if the cargo blocks my view.
3. I am worried that it will need to be fully open to pull a 5th wheel - again, blocking the rear window. I don't have the 5th wheel to verify one way or the other.
4. It is wide enough, and the panels tall enough, that if I want to put a bed rack on the truck, there is nothing offered that will allow it to clear the sides of any commercially available rack, and I would have to weld up a relatively unattractively boxy rack myself that will not follow the lines of the cab.

For how I am using the truck now, it fits my needs perfectly, but for some people with specific applications, the drawbacks I have found might be deal-breakers.

Good luck on your choice! There are lots of great options out there.

I have the roll up cover - through Ford. It’s simple, does the job. I like the roll up because I can use the entire bed, helps when hauling dirt bikes.
Installing the American Work Cover from Truck Covers USA. This is an aluminum retractible tonneau where the canister is integrated into a cross-bed tool box. I will post a review after the install. I may have to do some minor mods because I also have a headache rack from Spider Industries.
Rock Taxi brings up a valid concern about using a hard folding cover with a rack. Does anyone have experience with a hard rolling (not retracting) cover used in tandem with a rack?

I have the Ford folding system ( Back flip )
Live in Wisconsin. we get snow not a ton but enough

it folds over, it is secure and the last panel fold up against the rear window so if you need the entire bed is available with 2 rods that hold it up and they are held in place when not needed.

best was the truck was shipped with it and I paid under invoice so the options were also discounted.
Have had Weathertech Alloys and had good luck. Living in New England and up north alot....fair amount of snow and they have all held up. When the hood on my 17 F350 waffled under the weight, the tonneau held up. Its also easy to take off so loading atv's, etc is easy enough

I have a Magnum rack and it works great with any inside the rail cover. Another reason I chose the weathertech.
I have the Renegade Cover. I think it is the best cover on the market.
  • Weight Bearing up to 2,000 lbs
  • Made with military-grade aluminum construction
  • Lockable
  • Integrated L-Track to move the tie-down point location.
  • Weathertight
I just saw they just posted this video that gives an in-depth view of the cover.



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One question with the backflip 4, when towing a 5th wheel does it have to be up blocking the window or can it be dropped down in the first position? ( first spot after coming down off window)
I have the backflip mx4 as well can hold couple hundred lbs like stated above. As for snow we have only had it twice in like 120 years. We go to Colorado every couple years for elk hunting. But never got any snow with the cover on, just with out the cover.
Truck Covers USA American Roll Top Cover for me. Biggest pluses were the box the cover retracts into (~8" square) so you don't lose bed space, supports 500lbs of weight on top, 4 drain lines to keep the bed dry, and accepts rails like the retrax pro for canoe or bike racks (option).
I have the Truxedo Sentry and love it. Very easy to install rolls up out of the way and is below the rear head rests so no rear vision concerns. Also very easy to remove if need be.