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This is a honest review of 4Knines crew cab rear seat cover and door protectors. I am in no way associated with them other than being a satisfied customer. I have owned dogs my whole life and take them everywhere with us. When I traded in my last truck for my new Tremor I was surprised at the amount of damage done to my back seat and doors from my petite 145lb Rottweiler. I had a Weathertech rear seat cover installed on it, but it apparently did not provide the amount of protection my seats needed to limit the wear and tear from my dog getting in and out of the truck.

After searching for a better solution for to protect my new rear seat I came across a company named 4Knines. I researched and purchased their multi-functioned Dog crew cab truck seat cover, door covers and their pet deterrent barrier. They even provided a 15% multiple item discount for the purchase of the 3 items. The rear seat cover is awesome. It slides around the 2 separate bottom seat areas and allows one to flip up either side and to use the arm rest and rear seatbelts if needed. The rear seat cover is a heavier diamond stitched material that is both more pleasant on the eyes and more protective than my old Weathertech seat cover. The seat cover also can be used as a hammock to protect the back of your front seats by attaching over the front headrests. I do not use this due to the size of our Rottie, it suspect it would not hold up to his full weight.


The same can be said about their door covers. The only change I did was to use a larger, more aggressive velcro to attach them to the doors. Ensure you clean the door area where the velcro attaches with rubbing alcohol to ensure it adheres better. They provide excellent coverage and protection for the door area.


My dog was not to be deterred by their pet deterrent barrier, he threw a fit because it blocked his clear view from the back seat out the windshield. Those of you who have ever shared time with a Rottweiler will understand.

I really am a satisfied customer and wanted to share with you my honest opinion of their products. Please view their webpage to answer any questions you may have. For the price of these trucks they deserve to be given some protection from dogs or messy kids. You can order from their website or Amazon. They provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

How have these covers been holding up for you?