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Jan 23, 2021
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Hello y’all, for context I currently am without a truck as my 2019 raptor was totaled.
Has anyone came from a raptor to a tremor with a 6.7? (I would love a 7.3 but I like the sound it makes and would therefore get gallons per mile) For anyone that has made the switch why? What do you like/not like? Do you miss the raptor?
Also I don’t need a superduty as I don’t tow a lot I just can’t find any raptors for a decent price that fit what I want and am looking around at other options. Plus 1050 ft/lbs sounds like a good way to ruin some tires and I’m here for that.
There are a ton of former (and current) Raptor guys here....many have made the switch and know one I have heard from is unhappy. I came from a 14 FX4 3.5 Ecoboost. The 6.7 is so freakin powerful...and so fast ......it goes from 0-96mph so fast it is scarrrrrryyyyyyy.

Also it feels like its going to jump right out of its skin. You literally could burn all the rubber off your rear tires on the first go. And I get 17 city and 21 or 22 highway with MT tires. The power this motor makes leaves you speechless.....it is as powerfull as some of those 6 wheel drive Oshkosh semis the military uses....and man, that is straight from the factory......
I want to give you some other perspectives also. My truck was built on day 2 of 2020 Superduty production (Nov 19) and I have not really been off road yet. I have put 14,000 miles on my Beast, and it has been flawless. After all those miles driving it like I stole it, there is not 1 rattle or squeak...and trust me when I say the roads on Fort Bragg suck!
+1 - former 2014 Raptor owner. Tremor with 6.7 makes the Raptor look silly. Towing and hauling capability with better MPG. Only things you are giving up are maybe some offroading scenarios and turning radius. Some may argue on road plushness, but I never even notice now.
There are several members here, including myself, who have Raptors and Tremors or Tremors on order. Do a search and you will find many posts on the same topic.

They are not the same for off roading, so if that is what you want, wait for a Raptor. If you want to race around town in a fast truck, wait for a Raptor and put a tune on it. If you plan to do medium or heavy towing, buy the Tremor.

EDIT: If you need to park in tight spaces or have a small garage, wait for a Raptor.
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You will love the Tremor and forget you ever had a Raptor. Just my opinion
The details on the new Raptor are supposed to be announced Feb 3rd. I’d hold off if towing isn’t needed.
I would wait until gen 3 comes out before making any hard decisions. When I have both trucks in my driveway I'm likely taking the raptor over the tremor.
There is no comparison between the trucks if you actually use them for their intended purpose. Too many people here are hung up on the name plate hype. Both are great vehicles, but with different purposes.
If you want a daily driver that can also run the desert roads at 100mph and catch the occasional air on a whoop..you can’t beat the Raptor.
If you want a daily that can also tow a camper, but want off road capabilities (not Baja spec) then the Tremor is the one.
If you are that guy who never leaves pavement but wants the ‘cool factor’, then go with what you like...just don't try to compare these two vehicles.
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I already have a few Raptor parts that will bolt up to my Super Duty when it arrives... running boards and steering wheel
I already have a few Raptor parts that will bolt up to my Super Duty when it arrives... running boards and steering wheel
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Do they have a paddle shifter conversion kit like the Gen1 w/ Gen 2 wheel? I hate the SD column shifter.
As stated, there's a ton of Raptor converts here, myself included. Once I drove the 7.3L, my 2018 Raptor was just a feint memory.
I am a gen 1 Raptor convert. The Raptor and was great and had a hard time letting it go but family toys/trailers outgrew the capabilities of the Raptor. I sometimes mise the high speed trail fun of the Raptor but when it comes to driving around downtown or mountain trails actually prefer the width of the Tremor. With the Raptor being so wide on 2 track trails was actually rougher ride since was too wide to stay in the tracks. If you drive where there are a lot of tight turns you may not be fond of the extra length and reduced turning radius of the Tremor. I love my Tremor and for a HD tuck it rides pretty good, but not as good as a 1/2 ton. In all honesty if I didn’t need the payload/towing would be very tempting to go back to a Raptor especially with the rumored V8 return. Both are fun trucks just in different ways.