Raptor to Tremor convert


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Dec 6, 2020
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2021 F350
Just traded my 2019 Raptor in for a 2021 F350 Tremor! Like this truck


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Nice looking truck..
Another Raptor convert..
I did the same thing a month ago, mine was Perf. Blue also.
I’m loving my tremor though & im sure you will too.
Congratulations on the switch! I am waiting on my 2021 Tremor order to replace my 2018 Raptor. There are a lot of Raptor converts on this site, so you are in good company.
Congrats on the Tremor it's not raptor but it is one hell of a great Tremor I love having mine .... Almost don't like my f150
Roush raptor pre or after market? Anyway, I did the same thing. Traded my 19 raptor for a tremor about a month and a half ago!
Had the Roush aftermarket kit but switched around to goose tune and misc other parts. Still was never fast enough. Was kinda a compromise in all categories really. I’m at the stage that I would rather have of a tow vehicle, side by side, and mustang. Thats easier then trying to have one truck do it all. Im looking to put some sort of rack over the cab on this or a overland slide in of some sort. I tow a boat with it and a trailer for work.
Ditto. we all need should remember, these are just pick-up trucks. nothing special about them
Welcome to the club! I traded a 2018 Raptor for my Tremor. There's a ton of us converts here ?
Saturday in the Lowe's parking lot, a random guy in a GM truck asked me if my truck was 'some Raptor version of the Super Duty'. I said, "I actually traded a Raptor in for this. It's a step up from the FX4, but it's not a Raptor off-road. But it can tow and haul while the Raptor can't." He said it looked good, we talked for a few, then he drove away.

Tremor. The truck for Raptor owners that need an actual truck. Too bad most of us can't just keep both.
I had to keep my Gen 1 Raptor couldn't bare the thought of letting it go, i had to let the Ol V10 Superduty go to get the Tremor. I can probably say ill not tow the boat with the Raptor again, just tows so much better the Tremor