Rapid heater

I wanted one but ended up not being able to place an order. The vehicle takes a good 15-20 minutes to heat up the interior for a diesel motor and I live in california, so its not like I am trying to get it super warm!
@DIG We will use the truck when we travel to colder parts of the country, even on our trips to your neck of the woods, Wheat Ridge for more archery lessons from my buddy Tom Clum at RMSG
Yes, you absolutely made the right call. It’s a fairly cheap add on and I believe it is what will also get you the double alternator setup basically for free. That is needed if you want to add the winch in the future. Plus it definitely helps to start putting out some warm air on cold days and nights more quickly. I’d basically recommend it to anyone. ???
love having mine... truck cab is warm after 7 mins .... which is great ... warm not hot but it is hot after 15 mins
I ordered the rapid-heat supplemental cab heater, but not the engine block heater. I have the engine block heater on my current truck and never plug it in. It hardly ever gets that cold here in Texas.