Ranger Tremor or Performance Level 2?


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Apr 21, 2021
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Which one should I get? I am shooting to be in the market for a new Ford Ranger within the next few months to a year. New Tremor really caught my eye, but as cool as all the features are, the “Tremor” name plastered all over bugs me. Just dumb. The Ford Performance Level 2 kit is almost as good (Ford says Tremor suspension is better), but does come with the engine tune.

I am not a big off-roader, but I want the ability to hit Overland type trips in rugged areas across TX (Devil’s River, BIg Bend’s dirt roads etc.). Only thing I don’t like about the Tremor is the Tremor interior and name on the bed. It is probably cheaper than the Level 2, unless I could get some really good end of year deal. Also, want a Lariat. Daily driver, live in a city, so the tech will be worth it for comfort. Curious to hear thoughts!
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I'm guessing these performance kits are Ranger only items? I've never heard of them before.
I only know of one other person that has posted on this forum who owns the new Ranger Tremor. 99% of the folks on here know less about the Ranger version than you do so........ I'm not sure how much information we can offer. Like the comment above, if you want a daily driver that's truly off road capable, you probably should consider the Gladiator.
I own a Lariat Ranger Tremor, and did consider the Gladiator. The reason I chose the Tremor was comfort and ease of entry/exit. If you haven't driven the Ranger yet, take one for a test drive. Rent one if you can and drive it for a couple of hours. I love mine. It has more power and torque than you would think, and flat out runs. The speed can get away from you quickly if you aren't paying attention. She is a lot of fun off road too. I don't do a lot of off roading either, mainly just trails and dirt roads, nothing too technical.
My cousins daughter just bought a Ranger Tremor.

She took me for a little spun off road.

Best I can say is the Ranger is to the Gladiator what the Tremor is to the Power Wagon.

One is definitely better off road and the other is better at everything else.

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