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Dec 19, 2020
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Hey all! Happy 2021.

Quick question... Are there any other ways to track my truck's status?

I fully understand it's the holidays, we're dealing with the Rona, and I am FULLY aware I need to be patient. Also just need to plan things out for my family etc.

I also understand that the Salesman and dealership may not be as crafty as all of us or these cool tools people have developed.

Here's where I am getting frustrated... another dealership I was working with before sent me a text yesterday that they received a Tremor... It was shipped 1 day earlier, had an estimated delivery date 1 day earlier and guess what... they have their truck.

As I typed this I got a text and they said it might be here on Monday.

I had a phone call 2 days ago from my salesman and he said "the truck is in Oklahoma."
The finance guy called me yesterday and told me the truck was in Kansas and was being "Shipped by Rail."

My window sticker says "Convoy" so I assume it is being shipped by TRUCK.


Now if that's the case, if it was actually in Oklahoma 2 days ago than yes, I can see how it could potentially arrive today because it appears as if some transport companies use 2 drivers, they can cover at least 14 hours per day.

So arriving today "seemed" possible.

I've used the awesome tracking website.

This is what I am seeing:


I tried using the Jack Cooper website.

Of course I am getting this with a pending status.

Should be any day now. Tracking for these trucks is not as accurate as one would think but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still on a rail car headed to California.
Here’s my latest update from dealer... “They think it will be there on Monday.”

I have no idea how they are basing that assumption. I just know my PCO expires on the 4th and my patience is wearing thin. We didn’t do anything fun as a family for New Years as I was asked to not put miles on my truck.

If this deal didn’t make sense monetarily I’d walk.

I’ve searched “Passing Arrival” and everything’s seems applicable to custom orders, or switching rail cars for Bed Liner etc.

This was a dealer ordered truck for their inventory which is why it sucks. I can’t call freight company etc. No other logins to track.

Also looking at the JSON code there’s no bed liner, and also no retractible boards as promised.

I’m supposed to be getting a Platinum on X Plan with my PCO. So it’s a good deal. But I’m losing faith in the dealership and their word.

The platinum has power steps included so the bed liner is the only thing in question. With the holidays I’m sure transport isn’t running as scheduled but I would think it should be there next week sometime. Talk to the dealer on the PCO, others here have been able to get their PCO honored regardless of expiration date.