PPF Issues? Recomended installer?


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Oct 20, 2020
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Central TX
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I was calling around here in KS, and near where I'm moving to in Central TX looking for quotes and experience with PPF installs and one of the places I called (seemed higher end and reputable) replied with this info on PPF installs on superduties.

" A note regarding the front and rear "Super Duty" recessed and raised lettering on front hood and rear tail:

Over time, the film in the recessed letters will begin to pop up, starting with what looks like tiny air bubbles. We've tried several methods to try to keep the film down in the letters, and have not been happy with the look long term. It looks great for about a week or so, but long term not so much. The remedy for this is using the template letter cutouts (the recessed areas would not be filmed). For the rear letters, the film cannot conform to the embossed letters well, and this piece is also laid with the templates letter cutouts. Hope that makes sense.

Is this common practice with these installs and/or has anyone notice this issue?

Also, can anyone recommend an xpel PPF installer near central TX? ( feel free to pm me if it's not an advertisement )