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Jun 24, 2020
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Im in the market for a pressure washer for washing my truck.

Been looking at a few and they all seem to have bad reviews.

What ones are you guys using and what have your experiences been?
I've got a variable pressure Generac unit from Menards. Certainly not the bees-knees of pressure washers, but it does perfectly fine for washing vehicles and most other things. I've never had a problem with it. My wife and teen-aged daughters use it occasionally without issue. We just keep the instruction manual in a mesh bag tied to the frame by the handle. It's pretty easy, and has served us well for a few years now.

I'm sure I don't need to say it, but... Online reviews need to be taken with a healthy dose of reader beware. In my opinion, most people who have even a minor problem are really quick to hop online and complain about anything. Or they bought something that didn't meet their needs, and blame the product. Or they broke it, didn't put it together right, modified it beyond it's design limit, or didn't follow instructions - and then knock the product. True, there are bad products that deserve bad reviews, but those are the exception in my observations, not the norm.

Conversely, most people who are satisfied don't bother to post reviews. Again, just my opinion. I've tried to make it a point to write positive reviews, when earned. But even with this in the forefront of my mind, I sometimes just don't get to it. That, and Amazon blocked me from writing reviews. Because I did write one bad one. It was bad. Earned, but bad. So, I'm blocked.
I have a NorthStart 220v electric pressure washer from Northern Tool. This thing is fantastic, no issues what so ever. My current truck is ceramic coated so I use the pressure washer every time I wash the truck. It has a CAT pump and has been flawless.
I just bought cheap sunjoe off Amazon works decent but for anything crazy I stop in at the local wand wash to remove most of the mud. For 7 months of the year all I can go to when it’s not below -20c is the wand wash.
I bought a TroyBuilt (honda motor) from lowes (for the house)...3000 PSI works great (noisy) on the Tremor
I own a few different pressure washers. I rarely use a pressure washer for general washing the truck. One exception in when there is heavy mud or when I want a good wash of the undercarriage. For that, I use an electric 1600 psi Ryobi from Home Depot. It's hand-held and easy to move around. There is a wand attachment with wheels (large polyurethane wheels) that rolls nicely under the vehicle and provides a fairly good wash of the undercarriage. It also has a high-pressure and low-pressure tip. I use this same unit on ATV's and Side-by-Sides, since the pressure is very manageable. There are many models out there that provide very high pressure and even heated water if you would like; Northstar, DeWalt, and Home Depot models have held up very good. Most other pressure washers have a wider variety of tips (spray pattern/pressure) and more capability than the little electric one. For vehicles and small jobs, its hard to be the small electric one, it has its limitations though.
I have this Ryobi pressure washer in my shop plumbed in and mounted on the wall. Used a Harbor Freight air reel hose and changed out the fittings. Works great and have less than $200.00 in complete set up

Pressure Washer.png
I have a gas Honda that is really noisy so I bought an electric Sun Joe pressure washer. Sun Joe has refurbished units on the site, I think I spent $150.00 on my refurbished and it has worked great for several years, perfect with a foam cannon and has plenty of power to clean dry mud too.
I have a little electric 2200psi one that is great for washing the vehicles. I bought a longer pressure hose for mine on amazon because most only come with like 15-20 feet of hose and you cant get all the way around the vehicle without dragging the pressure washer itself around. I also bought a shorty gun so i dont have to stand 5 feet away to use it, its also much easier on the wrist.

I have a large gas powered pressure washer as well, but its way overkill for car washing and its loud and cumbersome to drag out and fire up.
I've used a couple sun joe (green things) and they seem to do pretty well.

I'd recommend sticking with the big box brands as they tend to have better warranties and you can swap them in store when they go. Rigid and/or Husky as examples.
I got this pressure washer for Father’s Day last year. My 4000 psi landa pressure washer is great, but way overkill for vehicle washing. I can’t say enough about this unit. Best part about it is it’s light weight and extremely portable.



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I got sick of dealing with my gas pressure washer and decided to go electric. I read really deep into this before Thanksgiving and placed a big order on Black Friday.

Obsessed Garage Youtube channel has some good honest info, but you need to be patient enough to listen to his arrogant ramblings to get to the good info. There is plenty of other good reading / listening out there too.

Most of the $200-ish electric machines are supposedly good for 50 hours before they will die. No serviceable. It's disposable.

I ended up with the AR Blue Clean 630-HOT-TSS https://www.arnorthamerica.com/prod...30-hot-power-washer/ar-blue-clean-ar630tsshot. It has good pressure AND good flow, is supposedly very good quality that will last, is fairly quiet, and at a pricepoint in between the disposable junk and the $$$ Kranzle German machines. I ditched the factory hose and went with 75' of MTM hose and a nice Cox hose reel so it's easy to get out and put away.
Wholesun electric Amazon deal...got for like 80 bucks...I won't spend more than 100 bucks on an electric pw...they usual last a couple years before they need replaced which is fine by me.
Our water pressure is lousy so it’s almost a must. Particularly like it for the foam cannon. I feel like that foam stuff reduces the swirls from dirt.
Many good pressure washers are rebranded Simpson’s, an American company using Honda engines, so instead of paying a premium for a DeWalt, just buy a good Simpson like the one in the link below. Get the $15 Amazon warranty and the best manufacturers warranty on the pump you can because that’s what’s most likely to fail.

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda GX200, 3300 PSI at 2.5 GPM, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007QDYQEK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_7Q5K1ABVKFBR2FTAS9N3
I have a John Deere pressure washer with a Honda engine. It's rated at 2600 PSI. I'm kind of afraid to use it. Do you think 2600 PSI would be too much?