Portable Winches? Are you keeping them in the truck?


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Oct 14, 2020
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I debating on whether to get a portable winch in a cradle for front and back use or mount on on the front. Question is for those who have the portable ones are you carrying them with you all the time or only when you might need them?
I have a hitch mounted winch that pretty much stays in the toolbox the entire time. The reason is two-fold. For one, I'm too lazy to take it in and out of the toolbox due to the weight and awkward location. Secondly, if I do take it out, it'd probably have to live in the garage since I don't have a place to put it inside the house. The toolbox is a bit more secure and cleaner than the garage.
You know what will happen right? The first time you need/want to use it it will be somewhere else.

If you have a portable one, they are usually mounted to a cradle that goes in the trailer receiver. Will you be putting a receiver on the front of the truck? Also, it is possible to winch yourself backwards with the winch on the front.