Popping Sound?

I get it too. Sometimes frequently. Sometimes not at all.

Here is the other thread I found on it.

Seems no one knows the cause and the dealers say its normal.
The def system seems reasonable. It definitely comes from fuel/def tank area and can be heard easily when you stick your head by fuel tank.

I can confirm that it is annoying when you are hanging out inside with it idling.
Likely just your Def fluid cycling. Are you new to 6.7?

This is an old thread. I just posted a link that I thought my be relevant for people searching so OP has likely moved on with his life. :)

FWIW, I have not heard it in my father's 17 6.7L, so I don't think all trucks do it.
Yeah don’t worry about it. Once you get used to it, you kinda “TUNE it out” ?
Yeah my 7.3 PSD makes all sorts of noises and you cant hear anything. With this one being so quiet you hear everything.
Mine has done it since day one. Comes from gas tank area. I think it's some sort of pump cycling.

I've all but forgotten about it.

The only strange noise mine still makes that gives me pause is something from the exhaust area when it shifts down through 4th gear when decelerating and braking. Sounds like the race clutch on my mustang did. Dealer was not concerned so I've tried to put that out of my head as well.
Brought mine into the dealer for all kinds of strange sounds...They reprogrammed the PCM and now hardly hear anything from the tank area. I was surprised!
Wow, that video captures it perfectly. Interesting comments on the youtube video seem to also suggest there is (or will be?) some software fix?
I have the same thing. Interesting to know there is a fix for it.

If there is a service bulletin number or anything does anyone know it? Makes the dealer's job easier.
Wow that video makes it obvious. I used to be so in love with diesel engines, absolutely thrilled with the design principals and how durable they are, and how much power can be extracted from that form of fuel. It's disheartening to see the problems that have to be overcome with all the EPA mandated crap they have to add to those engines just to remain "legal". I do hope they figure this stuff out and that they can be as reliable as the engines of the last generation. There are diesel tractors from the fifties through the nineties that sit for months at a time and then work in the fields for days on end without a hiccup, and semis that are 40 years old with over a million miles that are still going strong. I know they'll figure it out if allowed enough time, it's just a technology curve.
Ok so another noise. There's a ticking noise coming from the front of the truck when its running. I was told it was the electronics for the turbo. Its like sending Morse code.

I wonder if this is something you guys might be experiencing?
I have the same issue and will be setting up an appointment next week. Is there a solution to this? Does the TSB fixes the issue?
I told my dealer about the TSB when I dropped the truck off.. Even gave him a the number. I got the truck back 3 days later and they said it normal. Nothing has been done about it. Pretty annoying.

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