Picked up my Tremor today


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Sep 20, 2021
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This truck is a thing of beauty for sure. I had a 1.5 hr drive home with it and it for sure road walks quite a bit and I suspect that will stop as the tires get some wear in them. My only concern is that for the first 30 miles or so, it was getting 21 MPG and then it dropped to 14.5 for the rest of the trip. No change in driving and all highway. Anyone have any thoughts on the drop on MPG?


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Congrats on the truck, it looks awesome. As for the mpg, it was likely just adjusting ad you drove more. Mine isn't diesel but continued to climb up in the first few weeks. I'd recommend hand calculating it anyway as that number is typically wrong.
The MPG read out has to learn parameters from the ecu. Your MPG will adjust a bit and you'll notice the transmission will shift different for a while
Congrats on a great looking rig! Love that color, enjoy it!
Very nice. Welcome
Very nice ride, congrats and welcome to the team!
don't forget the hand calculated mileage will be different then the trip meter mpg because it doesn't account for idling. my dash reads 16.1 mpg for 350 some miles driving but hand calculations were around 13.8ish since I let my truck warm up until the oil gets to atleast 100 deg. before I drive it. so the 16 mpg would be true for the miles driven just not with the idle time also.
Congrats and Welcome.......your mileage can vary greatly because of Headwinds or slight up or downhill etc cause it weighs 8500 LBS. Also if it goes into a DPF Regen it will drop significantly until it finishes.

Now my usual advice: duck tape your wallet, buy some chapstick for all that smilin', and prepare for your significant other to be jealous when necks start breaking cause of the truck and not them! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) (y) (y) (y) (y) 🍻🍻🍻🍻
Congrats - Great looking truck - MPG seems normal for new truck - how fast were you driving 80 +/-?

I picked mine up December 6th - drove home 70 miles and mpg was 14.5 +/- as well. Since I have driven another 800 +/- miles, mostly around town and mileage from new (trip 2) is 14.6 mpg and my second tank of fuel is at 15.1 mpg so far (trip 1). Again all short trip and driving to and from work etc.

Enjoy the truck!