Phone Charging pad vibrates


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Aug 20, 2023
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Have this ghosting problem with the phone charging pad- I use it sometimes, but most times not-

It has happened with and without a no phone on it - Just vibrates in a sequential manner at times- Like every 10 seconds.

Yesterday it started vibrating like a jet engine starting up...Low revs then increased pitch to a peak pitch then shut off...LOL I was like what in the world was that?????

But I put my hand on the pad and can feel it vibrating -

Anyone seen an issue like that? I have no idea what to make of it.
Happening with no phone on it is definitely strange. Unit is probably defective and I would be going to the dealer. Possibly something has shorted out.

The only issues I've ever had with the console charger on my 22 is that it gets hotter than a typical wireless charger, so I never use it anymore. Sometimes if any Qi charger is misaligned you might be able to here a frequency whine if you are young like me. I have never experienced any sort of vibration from a charger. I've been using Qi pretty much since it was first released.
Yea very odd - unfortunately the dealer is 3 hrs away and since it doesn't happen continuously - I hate that this could drag out
I might have figured something out with this but haven't driven enough time to see if it comes back yet-

Looking at the owners manual it states not to have any metal parts around the pad - it would create heat - no coins, gum wrappers ect..ect...

Well I had a phone charging cable coiled up and dropped down in the hole there by the charging port that had metal outer protective jacket on it - so I thought well maybe that is it.

Did some more research and also need to make sure I have an inductive charger friendly case on my phone- not sure I do but will check on it

But not sure- Gotta give it some time - I will let you all know one way or the other
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