Parking brake adjustment


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Nov 5, 2020
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Hi all -

My parking brake seem a bit out of adjustment and I was hoping someone could explain how to adjust it (vs. taking the easy and probably right route and taking it to the dealer).

When I push the pedal down, there's a weird clunkish sound about midway through the travel, almost like a cable fitting was loose and is snapping into place. The pedal goes all the way to the floor and just barely holds the truck on an incline. Good luck meeting the training towing standard if a trailer is hooked up...

Anyway, I see from the 'net that the shoes may need adjusting, and I tried that. They seemed OK. It takes about four clicks of the adjusting wheel to lock the drums.

My 4Runner had a nut that could be used to adjust the length of the cable where it hooks to the brake pedal, but I have not crawled under the dash to see if I have the same thing, and I did not see any adjustment points under the truck.

If anyone can let me know how to adjust the cable it would be greatly appreciated...else I will go to the dealer and then let you all know what they do!