Paging NEO GARAGE, please check your conversations from me!


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Sep 8, 2020
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Haven't heard back in a while, need some response please! @NEO Garage
@NEO Garage just letting you know I will be contacting my credit card to dispute the charge due to the product not arriving and your lack of communication. Please cancel my order.
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Ultimately my situation was finally resolved, I finally got the $1700 credit in my account almost a month from him agreeing to cancel my order and a few weeks after I actually returned the product.

While I waited I was able to secure a cover from another vendor and got it installed and I LOVE it.

I would say that NEO just may not have been prepared to run the online business and deal with the unexpected and handle customers the way some of us expect to be treated. He is a one man operation and other events seemed to get in the way of his customer service ability. Pricing is great, but that doesn't matter if the other elements of the business transaction aren't met. I really hope he can resolve things with his business because he was a valuable resource on this forum when it stated.
Just came across this... Interesting - I PM'd some questions on covers to him and still haven't heard a word from him 2 mos later.