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Feb 23, 2020
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Can anyone explain the ordering process to me? Never bought a new vehicle let alone ordered a new one. I've pretty much nailed down what I want.
I built the truck on the ford build page and printed out the summary. Took that to the dealership and they placed the order. They have their own buildout sheet that they’ll print so you can review before placing the order. It’s pretty easy. Once the order is placed you’ll get a vin as soon as the build is in queue in Kentucky. Then you can track your order as it’s built.
Some require a deposit. Mine was a refundable 500.
Make sure your dealership has allocations for a Super Duty before you proceed with a contract or be prepared to wait extended time ( months and months ) until they get an allocation.
Ask what priority level your order will be most are 19 and that is common for dealer stock see if they can move it up so you get it sooner.

As previously mentioned, I build just about every combination of the Tremor on the Ford Web site. It taught me what options and colors are available on what models. Its not 100% the same as the dealers program but its close. I printed a copy and took into the dealership. My salesman built 3 on paper for me and we talked about certain options in detail.

The sales manager came over told me they have a Super duty allocation and to proceed with the order. He also gave me a below invoice price. They also told me they had one for sale at the Milwaukee car show and would have a nice discount on it but it was the wrong color and options for me.
Thanks for the replies. Sounds like the process will be fairly simple once I'm ready.