Ordered my 2021 Carbonized Grey Blackout w/ Diesel


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Oct 26, 2020
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I placed my order today for an F250 Tremor in Carbonized Grey w/ Diesel, Lariat Black, Lariat Ultimate, High Capacity Towing w/ 360 Cameras, Aux Heat, Heated Rear Seat, Upfitter Switches, Universal Garage Door Opener, and NO Moonroof!

The dealer will lock in my $2500 PCO as long as Ford issues the VIN before the PCO expires on 01/04/21. They have plenty of allocations and he placed the order with a Priority of 10, so he said there will be no problem getting the VIN before the end of the year. Most people are reporting about 2.5 months from order to delivery, so I except it will arrive near the end of January.

I really wanted the 2020 Magnetic color to match my Raptor, so I hope the lighter Carbonized Grey with black accents does not disappoint. :cool:
Congratulations on your purchase.
Congrats.. need picture when it shows up