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Feb 2, 2020
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After months of cross-shopping GMC/Chevy/Ram/Ford I went and ordered my F250 Lariat Tremor with the 7.3 liter.

I was able to haggle my deal down to invoice minus $1000. Once I have a vin# the dealer said I could lock in the incentives anytime I wanted before the actual finance date. Right now I qualify for $1000 in incentives but hoping for better ones prior to my truck getting here.

Man oh Man I can't wait!!! If anyone is curious... click the link for my build. Clicky ---->2020 Tremor Build<----

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So exciting. How long does the build take?
I hear 8 to 12 weeks. With my luck in life with ordering stuff, probably 6 years!
Congrats @Xelvic - Hopefully time will fly by and Ford will under promise and over deliver on the time to build. Just curios what were the main features that sold you on the Tremor over the other brands?
I was sold on the new Ram with the new interior... gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I wanted a gasser but kept hearing about lifter problems with the 6.4 Hemi. They were also having problems with the AC systems not blowing hard and cold. I've never had a Ram but have always been scared of Chrysler products with their history of reliability problems. I really wanted one but in the end I chickened out.

The new GMC was really nice too, especially the AT4 which is what I tested. Their problem is that they still use the 6 speed in the gas (8 speed with the diesel). Also... I was hearing non-stop quality control problems coming out of the factory.

I've had 3 Ford trucks in the past but was looking for something different that would get me excited. Then this damn Tremor came out with the 7.3/10 speed and all my juices started flowing again. I figured what the heck, I've had good experience with the Fords. I ordered this Tremor without even seeing one in person!
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