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Aug 15, 2020
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Some observations on patriotism

I like to think I'm in the upper percentile of patriotic Americans. Being your typical American mongrel I am proud of my other ethnic heritages. I've also traveled extensively overseas. My wife was born in NYC although she grew up in Europe and Africa and attended university in France. Between us we speak 6 languages, 3 rather fluently - Spanish, French, and Russian. Us Americans are unique in the importance we place on our flag. I get pretty grumpy when I see a tattered one being displayed or one in any condition if it is unlit at night. I'm sure that would get you sent to a prison camp in N Korea. Here I think a good ass whooping would suffice.

In most of Europe it is a very different state of affairs. It is very rare to see a flag flown outside a private residence. It is much more commonly seen in Norway (I'm 1/4 Norwegian) where they were subjected to the most brutal occupation in all of Europe. At its peak there was one German soldier for every four Norwegians! It is no coincidence that the Norwegian underground resistance was arguably the fiercest in all of Europe. Their sacrifices were epic and the world owes them immensely for taking down Hitler's nuclear efforts in Norway.

Many Americans like to make snide remarks about France and its 'surrender monkeys'. The ignorance of that really pisses me off. French soldiers fought insanely hard in both world wars however they were very badly served by a pathetic general staff. While it is true that there were many collaborators it is undeniable that the majority did not and the French Resistance enjoyed widespread support. Again, the toll that they paid was very high and I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. Their efforts in the week before D-Day were monumental and undoubtedly saved thousands of American, Canadian, and British lives by cutting communication lines and blowing up hundreds of railroad bridges.

Sadly, France is on an irreversible downward slide as far as patriotism goes. If you travel in rural France you will see Le Tricolour proudly displayed but in urban France you will only see it on government buildings, or being burned in the street. With 15% of the population now composed of relatively recent immigrants there for the freebies you can count them out on the patriotism scale. That is a very un-PC statement but I will stand by it. If you goof up and find yourself in one of the many 'banlieues' (da hood) of most big towns you might well be better off in Compton or Chicago's South Side. The cops don't go into those hoods except in rare cases. Sharia law rules there.

Belgium is even worse. The patriotism horse has bolted from the barn in most of Europe and it isn't gonna be brought back. They want free, they want two months of vacay, and they don't give a flying phuk about anything else.

Germany and Holland are the only two countries in Europe with,
no coincidence, any patriotism and a strong work ethic.

I've left the UK til last. I'm 1/4 Irish and 1/4 English and have spent gobs of time there so I feel well qualified to pontificate. No other democratic country but them compares to us on the patriotism scale but they are suffering from the French disease. It is not nearly as acute but it is spreading. The closeness of the Brexit vote has shown us that. Happily, the Royal Navy and the Army still enjoy a good supply of
gung-ho applicants. If I had to pick a furriner to share a foxhole with or be my wingman it wouldn't be anybody other than a Brit, unless it was a frozen foxhole in Norway.

God save the Queen and GOD BLESS AMERICA!