📷 TOTM 🦃 November 2023 - Tremor of the Month Starts Now! 🦌 🏹


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🦌 The November 2023 Tremor of the Month - Hunting Adventures 🦃 🏹

It's that time again! This month our Tremor of the Month photo contest theme is all about celebrating hunting season. This is your chance to showcase your Ford Tremor in its element, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the excitement of your hunting adventures. We're eager to see your Tremor, not just as a vehicle, but as an integral part of your hunting journey. Whether it's stationed at a hunting camp, packed with gear, or displaying your latest hunting achievements. Let’s see how your Ford Tremor complements your hunting adventures!

The champion will be awarded the coveted "Tremor of the Month", a prestigious spot on our TOTM Wall of Fame, and have the honor of their truck being featured across our social media channels..


But wait, there is more! 💥 This month the winner will also receive a free BMC A-Pillar Bracket to enhance your next hunting adventure! A big thanks to BMC Lights for sponsoring this month's contest!

How to Enter:
  1. Snap a photo of your Ford Tremor in a hunting setting. (No AI generated images)
  2. Post one photo in this thread along with a brief description or story behind the shot.
  3. Ensure that your submission aligns with the hunting theme and showcases your Ford Tremor in all its glory.
  4. We'll leave this thread open until November 20th, 2023 @ 3:00 EST or we reach 25 entries.
  5. All TOTM contest winners will not be eligible within the same calendar year of winning.
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Dang it! My hunting trip doesn't start until Nov 18th.
Love the theme, should be really interesting what entries we get this month.

I'll be sitting on the sidelines watching.
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Digging out after a 18" dusting in WY at 8600' Snow storm kept me in the wall tent all day knocking snow off so the roof wouldn't collapse..when it finally quit took 45 mins to clean the truck off.

Good news is the wall tent survived
Hold on, there's now an extra perk! 💥

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Alongside the esteemed title, this month's winner will also receive a BMC A-Pillar Bracket to elevate your next hunting adventure! A big shoutout to @BMCLIGHTS for sponsoring our contest this month!
Oh snap!! Now I'm really going to have to step up my game for this month's contest.
2nd season in Colorado was different than years past. Ended up with two feet of snow at Crested Butte. Snow started opening day. There was a deer migration from high altitude like I've never seen before. They were heading for lower elevation. The elk followed. I didn't drive the truck in the snow but the ATVs had snow coming up over the headlights.