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Nov 29, 2019
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I'm really in the hunt for the new Bronco, but when they released the news about the 7.3 and Tremor package, I realized they were building the truck I have wished they'd build for about 30 years now. A gasser built for no excuses torque, rollin on 35's and a small the hi-boys back in the day.

Now, how do I put one of each in the drive over the next year or two?
I wonder if the wife would drive a Bronco for her DD? lol
Welcome to the forum! I'm waiting for the Bronco as well, I'm hoping it will be my wife's 4runner replacement :)
We are waiting as well for the Bronco. That's been like watching a glacier move. Gonna trade our 14 FJ cruiser trail teams edition on it. I will wait for a year after it has been out though. Fingers crossed for a 2.7LTT w/ 6 spd option preferably in a ST or boss or baby bronco raptor (BRAPTOR?) edition.
That's been like watching a glacier move.

Oh man, there are definitely times it gets frustrating. One thing that helps though...
As I've posted on Bronco6g numerous times, I was literally a few days from signing on to a brand new , LOADED Outback...think $40 g's worth, when they dropped the news about the Bronco.
At that point, I abandoned the new Outback plan and karma dropped a 2015 Outback, which was aggressively priced to move, in my lap. So I bought that and it will be about 6 months from paid for when the new Broncos are released.
So having a decent ride to drive has allowed me to be patient while waiting for the Bronco...... if it gets delayed 6 months, NO problem, makes the Outback a better trade or easier to sell , if I go that route.
No hurry to have another car payment. The longer it takes, the better off I am financially.

Fingers crossed for a 2.7LTT w/ 6 spd option preferably in a ST or boss or baby bronco raptor (BRAPTOR?) edition.

I'm not even sweating those details at all just yet. If it looks tough when it gets here, I'll buy one. Probably a manual, the wife loves manuals.
If it looks cheesy, Tremor time! LOL
I need the Tremor for family hauling and the acreage. The Bronco would be a toy (2dr removable top) to replace my 14 Toy FJ Cruiser for around town. The Tremor has satiated my vehicle bug now so I can wait awhile.
I am new to this forum as of last week. The information is incredibly helpful! I have learned so much about the different tremor option, pros and cons, PCOs, price deals to expect and where to get them. I will be ordering a tremor this week hopefully and am a much more formidable buyer because of what I have learned here. Thank you everyone for your help! I hope to pay it forward.